Internasjonal blogger

UiB har fått en ny blogger som skal blogge for internasjonale studenter(Bloggen hennes finner du her). I denne anledning var det passende med et lite intervju, for å bli bedre kjent med bloggosfærens nye stjerneskudd.

Who are you, where do you come from and what are you studying? 

I’m Stand Hiestand, an intrepid learner with a strange nickname. My given name is Kathleen, but no one ever called me that (unless it was my Mom and I was in trouble). I’m a ‘mature’ student in my age (35), if not my mindset. I’m from Seattle, WA, United States: a grey, damp, and gorgeous city, like Bergen. In fact, Seattle and Bergen are sister-cities! I’m studying Health Promotion at the masters level. My undergraduate studies were completed at Seattle University, and most recently I worked for the National Cancer Institute.


What are your expectations to being a blogger?

I don’t exactly know what to expect, except that I expect to write and I expect it’ll help encourage me to make sure I keep going out to experience student life in Bergen! I’m excited about that, because I know the more that I explore, and the more I socialize, the happier I am.

You are on a deserted island and can bring one item, what do you bring?

If there’s no wifi, I guess I can’t answer my smartphone. Is a pocketknife too boring and practical? I think I would want the tools.


How would you describe Norwegians after spending time with them for a couple of months now?

All the Norwegians I’ve met so far seem extremely warm, friendly, and helpful. My experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. In the introductory program, we were warned that it may be that Norwegians are a bit standoffish, but that has not been my experience at all. They have also been a bit on the modest side for people who like to run up mountains in their spare time.

What surprised you about Norway(if anything?)?

How many Christmas-themed beverages there are; the huge range of ages you see hiking the mountains; the giant toaster ovens with the burners on top (we don’t have those in the U.S.); and the beer, I didn’t know there would be good quality microbreweries here!

What do you want to write about?

I’m interested in sharing experiences of coming to Bergen from another country from the practical to the emotional, philosophical, or even comical (I expect most of the comedy will come from embarrassing myself socially). I hope to cover academic opportunities, international student social life, Bergen cultural events, and the experience of coming to Norway and to UiB specifically.
I also hope to share things that fascinate me or are just plain fun. For example, I’m very curious about idioms that exist in other languages (the Germans have one that means, «everything has an end, only the sausage has two»). These types of idioms can be so expressive of the culture and personality of a country and its inhabitant. I would really love to know some Norwegian idioms, if readers want to share any with me!

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